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Flexzi 2 - Flexible Mounting Clamp for Small Devices - Two strands
Use the Double Flexzi-2 to ideally position a tablet computer

Flexzi 2 - Flexible Mounting Clamp for Small Devices - Two strands

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Finally you can get your device positioned right where you need it! Your tablet computer, mp3 music player, phones, disability switches, buttons, remotes, mini speakers, mirrors, games, handsets, toys and much, much more can be easily positioned to the right spot.

Flexzi is a flexible mounting device made of single strand of flexible plastic segments that will support almost any small device up to the designated weight limit.

The Flexzi comes in two sizes, and with two different types of bases to better suit your needs.

Single Flexzi with a Velcro™ base: 15cm (weight limit 2kg)
Great for positioning any of your devices on flat surfaces like desks, tables, trays etc.

Double Flexzi with a clamp base: 30cm (weight limit 1.6kg)
This option is best for positioning heavier products like iPads and other tablets. The clamp allow Flexzies to be fixed to the edges of tables or tubes, such as on a wheelchair. We use heavy duty photographic clamps for great security and stability.

The small Flexzi mounting device will hold items up to 2 kilograms in weight - almost 4.5 pounds, available with a Velcro base. Length is 15 c 30cm (weight limit 0.8kg - just over 1.5 pounds) 45cm (weight limit 0.5kg - just over 1 pound) Ideal for wheelchair users, or people with limited range of motion.

Another nice feature about this product is the bright color options - it looks less like a contraption and more like a funky toy - but it is a workhorse all the same. Choose from electric green, hot pink or black.

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