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Time Lock Small Storage Containers

Time Lock Small Storage Containers

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These time lock small storage containers are the perfect solution for teachers and caregivers that need to be able to keep items out of reach.

Time Lock Clear Plastic Storage Containers

Just place the items inside the plastic storage container, dial the time that you would like to lock the items away for, and just press to lock.
Your items are safe and secure until the timer is up.

Choose from an opaque container or a clear plastic container, and from four lid colors.  
Quantity discounts available

Here are some ideas of how you can use these unique time lock storage containers:

  • Hide presents and never worry about having anyone peeking ....
  • Keep medicines out of sight and mind and away from inquisitive hands by storing in the opaque container.
    Remember though that you won't be able to override the timer if a mistake is made in setting the time!
    The lid will not open before the time is up - you'd have to break the container - not an easy feat.

  • Keep your personal items in your desk and safe from students

  • Place 'rewards' like toys, games or food in the clear plastic container, to provide motivation and help train patience or reward good behavior

  • Enforce technology free time by locking away cellphones or tablets 

  • Help break bad habits like smoking by time locking away cigarettes

  • Help with staying on diets by time locking away treats like cookies or candy

  • The time lock safe is great to help you hide away items that may be tempting for thieves.

  • Keep your personal papers locked away and inaccessible from roommates

  • Since you can set the time lock for up to 10 DAYS, it's ideal for use while on vacation.

  • Consider color coding your usage by using different colored lids for different purposes
The kSafe is designed for safely storing food and many other items.  It is made of BPA-free food grade plastics.

The kSafe is fun and easy to use:

  1. Place an item in the kSafe
  2. Rotate the button to set the timer - anywhere from one minute to 10 Days!
  3. Press the button to activate the lock

The kSafe works in some refrigerators.  As refrigerators vary in terms of condensation, temperature, and other factors, it can impact the timing mechanism and batteries.  You may attempt to use the kSafe in the refrigerator, but know that it may damage the unit and would void the warranty. 

The kSafe will not work in the freezer. The condensation from the freezer may damage the electrical components and will void the warranty.  If you need to lock an item in the freezer, we recommend using a key-locking bag and then placing the key in the kSafe.

You may have come across this item in The Kitchen Safe Shark Tank debut, and since then, the makers have provided a larger size - big enough to store an iPad or other tablet.  

Time Lock Small Storage Container Size Chart

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