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Autism - Clothing Suggestions

There are a few ways that clothing can be chosen that better meets the needs of people with autism.

Kids and adults with autism or Aspergers Syndrome are often attracted to the feeling of being warm and wrapped up. These garments are made of polar fleece, which is a wonderful, soft and warm fabric that breathes, so it is very comfortable to wear. It feels like wrapping yourself in a comfortable blanket, but still having the ability to move comfortably - ideal for sensory comfort. The garments also feature the unique patented convert-a-foot - allowing to create footed pyjamas at will. Wear them as a jumpsuit or as footed pyjamas - just by turning over the built-in flap and stretching it over the foot. Very clever, and very comfortable.

Another common activity among children with autism is an excessive compulsion to touch their genitals, regardless of where they are or who they are with. To help lessen this tendency, some parents reportedly use the back zip jumpsuit style garments, or front-zip worn backwards - making it harder to gain access to the genital area.

For many families though, one of the most pressing needs is for clothing that will help avoid the possibility of fecal smearing.

As one parent puts it..It has to be one of the most depressing issues to deal with. No one wants feces smeared all over their home!

Here is a solution that many families have found works for them - jumpsuit style pajamas that zip up the back, or front-zip onesies worn backwards. Some parents also use a safety pin for extra security. They can't get at the zipper, so they can't get to the diaper, poop or genitals.

Back Zipper pajamas are available in children and youth sizes: 8, 10, 14, 16 and 18. The front zip footed pajamas come in all sizes - toddler right up to adult footed pajamas - and also come in three colors.

Orders ship by mail to anywhere in the world.

Order in bulk and get a discount. Check each product for pricing details.

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